Van Der Aar Tuinen

van der Aar TuinenVan der Aar Tuinen is thé landscaping company in the Haarlem region and surroundings. The full service company has the knowledge to professionally maintain your garden. In addition to maintaining the garden, the gardener company excels in the construction of new gardens. By being active as a gardener for years, they have been able to make various agreements with various suppliers. This allows them to deliver high-quality work for highly competitive prices!

Van der Aar Tuinen is ready for both individuals and companies!

Whether it is a company garden or private garden, they are at home in all markets!
Contact them without obligation and get advice on the various options.

Nouris Security

Nouris SecurityNouris Security is a young and innovative company in the security world. They bring the good old qualitative security in a new way. Where technology is increasingly taking over the world, Nouris Security creates a good mix of these two worlds. They work for both individuals and companies.

When it is about an alarm system, camera system, fire prevention and in-house emergency services (for example an Automatic External Defibrillator).; Nouris Security installs it! They do that after a good security check by their experts. Are we done after installing the requested system? No, definitely not! Nouris Security also has its own surveillance service. This makes them available 24/7.

Curious about their services? Nouris Security is happy to help! Visit the website.

JP Haarlem

Logo JP HaarlemWe have been providing full service deliveries in the Benelux for 20 years.

Delivery of a piece of furniture is more than just a delivery. Delivery starts in the warehouse and only ends when your piece of furniture is assembled and in the right place at your customer’s home.

Our deliverers are the calling card of your store and they know this. We have specialized furniture makers, fitters and delivery staff who are all trained to make the final link in your sales process a success.



SportEuropeTable tennis or PingPong is a sport for everyone. That is why SportEurope focuses on the professional table tennis athlete as well as the enthusiast and the home athlete. In addition to a large and wide range of table tennis equipment from all top brands, Sport Europe also has a showroom where table tennis materials can be optimally tested. Here you will be assisted by renowned trainers and material experts in your search for the most suitable table tennis equipment.

Service is a high priority at SportEurope. That is why they like to keep in touch with you, even after the sale. This way, they can continue to provide you with sound advice where necessary.

For associations that are ready for new table tennis material and / or clothing, they are happy to make a customized offer. They are convinced that they can deliver for the best prices. SportEurope offers associations very interesting purchasing and sponsoring opportunities. If you want to know more about this, please contact them.

e2 Young Engineers

e2 Young Engineerse2 Young Engineers Haarlem organises fun and educational workshops for children with LEGO® and Kid K’nex®. These activities are for children from 4 to 14 years old. There are different kind of programs so there is a suitable program for every child to participate.

We give workshops on schools, after school programs on schools and school cares and also in libraries and community centers. During the holidays we organise LEGO® days and LEGO® summer camps. Next to this we offer coding with LEGO® workshops for the people who want to learn more.

Are you looking for a great birthday party? Then definitely choose a LEGO® party and LEGO® coding party!

Check our website for our complete offer on

OfficeCity Kantoormeubelen

OfficeCityOfficeCity is a web store for office furniture. You can order office furniture online at the web store or visit the showroom in Haarlem at Henk Schijvenaarstraat 1.



OlympiaWhat you do matters

You give meaning via your job, because you contribute to what’s important to you or to others. In short: what you do, matters. We enjoy helping you with that. That’s why we want to get to know you better.

Who are you, what gives you energy? What’s precious to you? What are you proud of and what do you want to achieve? Inform us about what you want to set your alarm-clock for and together we will discover which job, internship or education fits you best. It will enlighten your day when via jour job you can achieve what’s precious for you, do what you are proud of and are respected for what you do.

Olympia will give meaning to employment!

Olympia, Stationsplein 1, Haarlem

Stokerij Klopman

Logo Stokerij KlopmanHaarlem is a beautiful canal city with a tradition of breweries and apothecaries. About time to start a distillery in this city, we thought, as it is so close to the Kennemerduinen with its abundance of botanicals and the fresh water reservoir of the city of Amsterdam in the dunes.

Stokerij Klopman/Klopman Distillery aims to fullfil the ever growing demand for artisanal products made with natural materials. Its distilled spirits are sold to wholesalers, liquor shops, high end restaurants, (cocktail) bars and gin afficionados. They can be consumed straight, in a cocktail, or as an ingredient in dishes.

Available gins of Stokerij Klopman/Klopman Distillery are: Duivelskral Dutch Dry Gin, Doornroosje Dutch Sloe Gin, Janneman Dutch Dry Hertog Jan Cask Gin and Spaanse Furie Dutch Dry PX Cask Gin.

Stokerij Klopman Gins

Van Strien Sports Consultancy

Logo Van Strien Sports Consultancy