Sponsor opportunities

It is possible to sponsor this unique event. We expect a large exposure for this event. Not only do we expect that there will be hundreds of participants and spectators, but also a lot of attention will be given to this event through flyers and media coverage. Participation in the tournament is open to people who have something to do with Haarlem. This means that this tournament is especially interesting for companies in and around Haarlem. Tailor-made packages can be agreed to make sponsorship as interesting as possible for you. For example, you can advertise on our website, in our communications, on the match days and on the final day, you can also have a stand at the playing location to promote your product or service or perhaps to recruit staff etc., etc.

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To give an indication, our sponsorship packages range from € 200 (with sponsorship stating your company on the website and the tournament days) to € 500+ (with a more extensive display on various media, free participation in the tournament of around 7 employees and attendance) with, for example, stands or signs on the match days). The packages are negotiable and can be further fine-tuned. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of this event, please contact our sponsor coordinator Ron Doevendans (06-10334638) or send an email to info@debestepingpongervanhaarlem.nl.