The Best Ping Pong Player of Haarlem is a shared initiative of the table tennis clubs TSTZ Haarlem and TTV Spaarne. Ping Pong or table tennis, whatever you want to call it, is one of the most practiced sports in the Netherlands. More than 95% of the Dutch population has ever held a bat: at the campsite, in the living room or during work breaks.

DSC2625So there are many people from Haarlem (living, working, studying or born in Haarlem) who regularly hold a bat. Chances are that you, your neighbor or colleague says that he is a great player himself. So it's time to prove that and join The Best Ping Pong Player of Haarlem".

The organising committee consists of the following people:

Project management and marketing – Maarten Nouwen
Sponsorship and secretariat – Ron Doevendans
Event production– Martijn van Dijk
Finance and competition management – John Kossen