Jeroen Peters is The Best Ping Pong Player of Haarlem

Last weekend the second edition of The Best Ping Pong Player of Haarlem was organized. No fewer than 210 participants registered for the tournament, 150 of which were non-members. The event has thus become the largest table tennis tournament in the Netherlands with participants who are not members of a table tennis club.

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The title was fought in five different classes; two among the youth and three among the adults. In the Hakim Sesame Street youth class, Mick Glaudemans managed to win the ball. Like the number two and three, he won a training day at the theater school in Hakim. Aiden Chandie Shaw took the title in the Chef'Special class. The youth player was the favorite from the start and managed to keep his attacker Joris Laanen away in the semi-final. With the winning of the signed Chef’Special CD, Aiden could not go wrong with his weekend!

The Kenauklasse had many title candidates. Calvin Vinke encountered many of them on his way to the title. Time and again he managed to surprise his opponents with a fast forehand or unexpected service. With his company, JP Haarlem, Calvin also won the company tournament; a great achievement! Martijn Komin and Pablo Delgado finished second and third respectively in the Kenauklasse.

After many years Miriam van der Aar has picked up her bat again and won the final in the Frans Hals class. Henk Houweling came along well with several games, but the 3-0 win for Miriam was more than justified. Miriam; "I'm really happy now. I missed the game, I didn't know that at all. The club can look forward to my registration in the short term. "

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Winner in the strongest category is Jeroen Peters and with that he can call himself The Best Ping Pong Player of Haarlem. In the Ripperda class he managed to beat second division player Timon Priem in the final. "As a purebred from Haarlem it is of course a fantastic title to be allowed to amount to a year. I am genuinely proud to have won the tournament, "said Jeroen.

Participants could also register with a friend team. In the youth the "Arsenal" team managed to get the title, while "Pongzilla" was the adult friends team that won the most points.

Many spectators were left to watch the award ceremony. Organizer Ron Doevendans had the honor to share a happy news at the end; there will be a third edition !! On January 8, 9 and 10, 2021, anyone born, live, work, study or member of a table tennis club in Haarlem will have the opportunity to become The Best Ping Pong Player of Haarlem. Until then!